Why you should hire students

There are a number of misconceptions floating around about students that may cause employers to pass over their applications. Culture usually depicts college students as lazy, irresponsible, and unreliable, yet we have found they're an extremely beneficial addition to any growing business.

They're energetic

Because students are some of the most energetic potential employees, they often go above and beyond what is required of them, bringing their naturally infectious energy and innovative ideas into the workplace.

They're motivated

They're full aware that work experience will make them a more competitive candidate in the job market, and as such, are often trying to prove themselves, making them a dependable and productive member of the workplace.

They're affordable

Students don't need benefits and other perks that full-time or non-student employees are seeking. Because they're part time, they won't require benefits like paid sick days, vacation time, insurance, and residencies. Taking these benefits out of your company's budget can add up to huge savings in the long run.

Furthermore, the fact that students have less work experience means that they are more willing to take lower wages, allowing you to reallocate funding toward other initiatives.

Don't let the misleading stereotype of an irresponsible college student prevent you from utilizing the valuable contributions a student could make in your workspace.