On-demand recruitment of Part-timers!

StudentHub recruiters excel at connecting you with the perfect talent, individuals whom we have meticulously screened, tested, and verified to possess the precise skills your organization requires.

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What we offer?

Access to better talent

Hiring is hard work, and for many businesses, it’s becoming increasingly difficult. Gain access to a superior pool of talent, and connect with highly skilled individuals who meet your specific requirements within couple of days.

Recruiting candidates and hires

Our rigorous screening process ensures that you are presented with top-notch candidates, increasing the likelihood of making successful hires. You can be certain that you’ll get properly vetted candidates who meet the criteria you set forth.

We let you focus on important business functions

By streamlining your recruitment, payroll, and talent management processes through us, you will save your valuable time and costs associated with sourcing, screening, onboarding and payroll to focus on important aspects of your business.

In-Built Payroll Process

Send us the number of hours worked by your assigned staff, and get an automated invoice for the same. Once your payment is received, your transfer will automatically process to your assigned staff. You can keep track of records and transfers!
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Hire university students for the Part-time positions. Our recruiters put in the hiring hours so you don’t have to!

Need Onboarding?

It all starts with a conversation—we’ll work with you to find out what skills you’re looking for, quickly zero in on a shortlist of candidates, and help guide your through the hiring process.

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